English as a Second Language

en Espanol

Come join our community of adult English learners in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Improve your English language skills in the areas of: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Classes are offered at no cost. Day and evening classes available. Beginning, intermediate or advanced level classes. 

  • Beginners will start with an introduction to practical English such as the alphabet, basic words, and numbers. The class will also focus on listening comprehension, practice in speaking, and will be introduced to the fundamentals of reading and writing.
  • Intermediate students will work on continuing to develop and practice their English language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will use conversation to practice recognizing and generating pronunciation and grammatical patterns. Reading, writing, and listening activities will be used to expand students' vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Advanced: As students improve and they are more comfortable with English, they will begin to develop reading strategies and skills necessary for getting their GED and going to college. Students will study vocabulary, language, and math. Reading and writing practice will use the content areas of social studies and science. Writing focuses on creating paragraphs and summarizing texts

For information on classes call 651-748-6208.
Para informacion en espanol llame al 651-407-7625.
Yog xav tham nrog tus Hmoob hu MaLias 651-407-7623.
Haddii aad u baahan tahay macluumaad af Soomali ah fadlan la xiriir. 651-592-3959.

For more information on Adult Basic Education (ABE) programming and the many free classes offered, GED Diploma and testing, and how to register click here.

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