Elder Resources

Elder Resource Specialist

We have staff with 20+ years of experience assessing and connecting seniors and their families to supportive senior services in Ramsey County, specifically those within the White Bear Lake area.

  • Confidential phone consultations and/or office visits
  • Information and referral to local community based senior services including housing, transportation nutrition, caregiver services, chore, socialization, homecare, etc.
  • Educational presentations on senior topics, resources community engagement and volunteer opportunities.
  • Individualized support to local organizations in developing senior specific programming.

For more information contact call us at:  651-653-3121.

White Bear Area Guide to Senior Housing

The White Bear Area Guide to Senior Housing was written for individuals and their families who are exploring senior housing options in the White Bear Lake Area. Whether you are looking for ways to stay in a single family home or move to one of the many senior housing options available, this guide will help. It encourages you to take into account various lifestyle, service, personal care and financial considerations as you plan and includes a list of helpful resources.

As you review the housing options listed here, please be aware that changes occur frequently in the senior housing market. The White Bear Area Senior Program does not support, endorse, nor have any direct relationship with any of the facilities listed in this directory.

View our Senior Housing Guide

For additional AFFORDABLE HOUSING information, resources and up-to-date availability for all ages including seniors visit:   www.housinglink.org

White Bear Area Guide to Senior Transportation

Understanding your transportation options can give you peace of mind that you can continue to get around the community. The White Bear Area Guide to Senior Transportation will assist you in learning about local and regional transportation resources and offer suggestions about what to consider in order to make confident transportation related decisions now and in the future.

View our Guide to Senior Transportation

White Bear Area
Services Guide

Available in the fall of 2019.